Trailblazer GP Scheme

Launched in 2018 across Yorkshire and The Humber, the Trailblazer GP programme is modeled on the amazing Deep End Pioneer scheme in Scotland. Trailblazers are newly qualified GPs who are matched with practices in areas of socio-economic deprivation. The aim is to develop the skills, knowledge, experience and resilience to stay working in these challenging, but incredibly rewarding, environments and to help practices in under-doctored areas to recruit new GPs. 

Over a twelve month placement, alongside their clinical work, trailblazer GPs have one day per week of paid release time for personal development and to access the other elements of the scheme:

  • A monthly structured education programme covering topics such as multi-morbidity, substance misuse, care of homeless patients, social prescribing, care of new migrants, chronic pain

  • A facilitated peer action learning set with other trailblazer GPs

  • Access to coaching for personal development

Practice’s list areas must have an IMD socioeconomic deprivation scores in the bottom 20% in to be eligible and will receive financial support to release the GP for education. 

We would love for the trailblazer scheme to expand to other areas of the country - if you are interested in achieving this, or for more details, please do get in touch

Trailblazer general infographic.png