London Deep End
Health Equity Leadership

Our virtual London Deep End Health Equity leadership platform started on 12 September 2020 and it is an inclusive leadership movement for fairer systems and healthier places.

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We are having a meeting in Jan 2024 and will send more information about a future reference group.

For more information, please contact Dr Liliana Risi, Emeritus Provost RCGP, North East London Faculty [email protected]

Our logo

The 'London Deep End Health Equity' logo captures the shades of green, which is climate health creation, the curve of the Thames from West to East, from pocket to blanket deprivation and the leaf of the plane tree which is all over London potentially bringing the most benefits for air quality and shade.

The logo name also includes the starting point 'Deep End' i.e., areas of deprivation and the destination 'Health Equity'. It is also a broader movement than General Practice to capture population rather than provider driven health.
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