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Surviving and thriving at the deep end

This module is designed to help you look after yourself and thrive in the challenging world of "deep end" general practice.


Starting date

30-60 minutes

What you are going to learn

Caring for yourself so you can care for others

This module discusses how effective stress management and self care, team working and awareness of your values can help you remain resilient in the “deep end”
By the end of this module you should:
  • be aware of the causes of stress for GPs, particularly those working at the “deep end”
  • know how to respond to stress
  • know about the signs that indicate stress is having a negative impact on your life
  • know how to access support if you are struggling
  • understand what makes work rewarding and how our values and colleagues act as powerful protective factors and motivators
  • Reflect on how to remain resilient in the face of significant adversity