Could you help as a Fairhealth Charity Trustee?

We are looking for volunteers to join the Board of Trustees of this exciting and rapidly growing charity
The appointment process
  • To register your interest or ask any questions please contact: by email  (click on the button above).
  • We will aim to have Trustees appointed by early 2023 at the latest
What does the role involve?
• Trustees oversee everything that Fairhealth does, ensuring that it’s strategy, activities, and finances are in line with the purposes of the charity

What is the time commitment?
• The Board of Trustees meet online for approximately two hours, four times a year
• Between meetings there will likely be a small time commitment to read some papers and follow up on action

What experience is required?
• Experience of leadership, teamwork, and good decision-making skills are ideal
• Previous experience of being a charity trustee or involvement in the work of a charity is ideal but not essential
• Experience of handling organizational finances is ideal but not essential

Why is it useful?
• You will be doing a vital role supporting the work and shaping the strategic direction of Fairhealth
• It’s a great opportunity to put your critical thinking, problem-solving and analytical skills to use in ensuring that the charity reaches it’s goals and runs as efficiently as possible
• You will be joining a dynamic, friendly, and supportive team of like-minded people
What are the Charity’s aims?

What are the charities aims?
Our aim is to confront discrimination and prejudice that worsen health inequalities. Through health professionals’ education, research, academic activities and advocacy, we will improve health outcomes for patients who are socioeconomically disadvantaged and/or who belong to marginalised patient groups.