National and international GP at the Deep End links

A regular summary of international general practice at the deep end activity is published as a bulletin on the University of Glasgow Scottish Deep End Project website

Links to blogs and relevant materials:

GP at the Deep End Greater Manchester - inspirational colleagues working with the Shared Health foundation across Greater Manchester

GP at the Deep End Ireland - with links to the Partnership for Health Equity, colleagues based in and around Dublin

A Better NHS - thought provoking and deeply insightful blog written by East London GP Jonathon Tomlinson

General Practice at the Deep End Yorkshire and Humber - publications outlining our work and activities

Mining for Deep End GPs, British Journal of General Practice, 2017

General Practice at the Deep End in Yorkshire and the Humber, The Exception Potential of General Practice, 2019

Health Inequalities: health at a price - reducing the impact of poverty, BMA, 2017