Finding fairhealth through supporting and empowering the most vulnerable

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An interview with Dr Lucy Chiddick.

Lucy is a GP in inclusion health and drug use in Leeds

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Show notes

What an amazing guest on finding fairhealth for this episode. I really enjoyed a wonderful chat with Lucy Chiddick, GP in inclusion health and drug use in Leeds.

With an abundance of experience and stories from working with the most vulnerable patients in Yorkshire, Lucy joins me to talk about how to cope in a system that isn’t arranged around the needs of vulnerable people and ways we can support these people from both within and outside the medical sector. We discuss the importance of advocacy, empowerment, relationships, community, and love. She also talks about the devastating impact of patients being exposed to traumatic experiences and adverse childhood experience and how important the understanding of this is in clinical practice for health professionals. We discuss being clinical pragmatists, switching the concept of heart sink patients on its head, and the effect our patients have on us as wounded healers. She says we must acknowledge our own needs to be the best for our patients. I love Lucy’s honest and down to earth approach and am thrilled to be able to share our discussion. We hope you enjoy the episode.

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