Finding fairhealth through a vision for population health

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An interview with David Buck

David works in the Policy team at the Kings Fund. He has a background in economics and previous experience working at the department for health on tackling health inequalities.

Show Notes

David Buck talks to us about how much of a privilege he finds his role at The Kings Fund. It really was an absolutely pleasure and a privilege to be able to speak to him for our podcast.

David has had such an interesting career, starting at The Centre for Health Economics in York, moving into The Department of Health and then on to The Kings Fund developing an ever greater interest in reducing health inequalities as he goes. He shares with us how much he values being able to get different perspectives from lots of different sectors and how The Kings Fund works hard to try to do this. He also tells us what he is up to at The Kings Fund, particularly talking about their vision for population health. He explains to us what this vision means theoretically but also what this looks like in reality and how it has been received and used locally since it was released. We also talk prevention, legislation and finance with the recent release of The Prevention Green Paper and he gives me an insight into where The  Kings Fund sits in all of this. David talks honestly about how to avoid publications being poorly received and also what makes him lose sleep at night. As always on the the podcast we finish with David’s one big wish for tackling health inequalities.

I hope you enjoy this episode as much as I enjoyed speaking to David.