General Practice at the Deep End Yorkshire and Humber

General Practice at the Deep End Yorkshire and Humber brings together healthcare professionals working in the region’s most socioeconomically deprived areas to tackle stark and growing health inequity. The movement has links with academia, the voluntary and social care sectors and groups working with poor or vulnerable people. Inspired by Glasgow University’s GPs at the Deep End project, we were established in 2015.

We are part of an international movement with links to deep end projects in Glasgow, Greater Manchester, Ireland and Canberra.

These are our objectives:

  • Help with general practice workforce and recruitment

  • Provide educational sessions relevant to deep end work.

  • Create a flourishing network to share ideas on planning services and strategy.

  • Act as an advocate for deprived communities and vulnerable patient groups

  • Develop sustainable links with the academic communities to evaluate the effects of interventions and record the experiences of deep end practitioners and their patients

The founders of Yorkshire and Humber Deep GP are: Ben Jackson, Dom Patterson, Tom Ratcliffe and Elizabeth Walton. We are all frontline GPs working in undergraduate and postgraduate medical education and/or research.