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Finding fairhealth through a vision for population health

An interview with David Buck, Health Inequalities specialist at the Kings Fund

Previous episodes…

Finding fairhealth through education

Discussion with Dr Dom Patterson, GP and Director of GP postgraduate education Y&H

Finding fairhealth through working at the deep end

Discussion with Dr Carey Lunan, GP and Chair of RCGP Scotland

Finding fairhealth through thinking outside the box

DIscussion with Greg Fell, Director of Public Health Sheffield

Finding fairhealth through connections

Discussion with Professor Graham Watt, Emeritus Professor and Honorary Senior Research Fellow at the University of Glasgow

Finding fairhealth through supporting and empowering the most vulnerable

Discussion with Lucy Chiddick, GP in inclusion health in Leeds

Finding fairhealth by hitting front line objectives whilst making a population health impact

Discussion with Chris Bentley, Independent Public Health Consultant


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